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forextradingmachine title=Forex Trading Machine is a specially designed training e-book of near about 180 pages that gives you a valuable insight into the profitable systems for trading currencies in the Forex market. It has been written and compiled by Avi Frister, who has an experience of about 11 years in the Forex market trading. He conducted extensive study and analyzed hundreds of technical indicators and concluded price to be the prime indicator.

In Forex trading machine, light has been thrown on three strategies which are claimed to be the real winning strategies that can enable you to earn fortune. Let me just give you a gist of the varied strategies by taking each one by one.

• Forex cash cow strategy: This strategy is meant for beginners who have just stepped into the business of Forex trading. It is also quite a suitable option for people having full time jobs, as they do not have much of time to keep track of the market all day long. It is a long term strategy that requires you to take out a bit of time at the end of the day to find out if there is a good set up to place the order. Usually, there are very few set ups every month but if you happen to get a good set up, you can profits up to 100 pips or more. The risk involved is pretty low in comparison to profits.

• Forex Runner Strategy: This is indeed a better choice for all of you interested in day trading. It allows you to minimize your risks and maximize your profits and also the number of set ups are much more than in the case of previous strategy. It mainly focuses on the GBP/USD currency pair.

• Forex Flip and Go Strategy: The best thing about this strategy is that it constantly generates profits of near about 40 pips and also works towards limiting the amount of losses. It allows you to trade mainly in the EUR/USD pair.

Forex trading machine contains strategies that are easy to implement. This Forex trading system is capable of generating consistent profits but that does not mean you will never incur occasional losses.

In my opinion, this ebook claims to work well for novices as well as for veterans but my perception about this ebook is that it teaches you very basic level techniques and is too mechanical and asks you to follow strict rules without taking any pause to see as to in which direction the market is going. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it the ranking of only 1 and I also feel that it is just not meant for the advanced level Forex traders. It contains very basic elementary level information that can be easily found on any of the free Forex market software available online.

In comparison to other systems like 5 EMA’s Forex trading system and Forex ace system, you hardly earn any profits. The profit margin in this system does not really exceed 100 pips and Forex ace system equips you to earn between 250 and 415 pips. 5 EMA’s Forex trading system enables you to turn your $1000 into $1,000,000, which is too good. These two systems are relevant for advanced traders and Forex trading machine system is suitable only for the beginners.

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